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Pirate Encyclopedia: Don Pedro Gibert

Said to be the last American pirate, Don Pedro Gibert (cited by many sources as Don Pedro Gilbert) was actually a South American born pirate who made his home in South Florida. It is said that Gibert and his pirate gang of twelve would wait for passing ships, then give chase.

Often they would set a fire to the shore to attract a ship's attention and plead for help, only to attack their "saviors."

In 1832, one such ship, known as the "Mexican," fell victim to the pirate.

They could not outrun the pirates, and discovered that their cannon ammunition would not fit their cannons!

During the attack, the pirates stole roughly $20,000 worth of silver from the ship. Gibert ordered his men to kill everyone on board and burn the ship.

Instead, the crew decided to lock everyone below the deck and let them burn alive.

Once the pirates had fled the scene, the captain of the Mexican was able to free himself and then his sailors. They put out most of the fire, but kept part of it going, for fear the pirates would see the flames die out and return to finish the job.

The crew of the Mexican survived however, and after several weeks at sea, managed to sail back to their original port.

It was then that Gibert's crimes were reported, leading to a massive search for the pirates. Don Pedro Gibert's ship and all twelve men (thirteen counting Gibert himself) were found off the coast of Africa, loading slaves, by the British Navy in 1833.

The British captured the men and blew up their ship, the Panda. Gibert and his crewman were extradited to Boston for trial.

In 1834, all thirteen men were convicted of piracy charges, and were hung in the spring of 1835.

Though Gibert and his crew were the last historical pirates to operate in US waters, acts of piracy still occur, especially in the waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans around Asia.

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