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Pirate Encyclopedia: New Providence

The port of New Providence, located in the Bahamas, was once considered a pirate kingdom. In 1704, New Providence was abandoned as an English colony because of its susceptibility to Spanish and French attacks. However, what was considered a liability to the English became a haven for some of the most notorious pirates of the Caribbean. The port of New Providence would become home to such infamous pirates as Blackbeard, Jack Rackham, Henry Jennings and Samuel Bellamy.

Once the Spanish War of succession ended in 1714, pirates began to stream into the port of New Providence in droves. The port had several innate attributes that attracted pirates, for example the shallow waters enabled pirate sloops to anchor but prevented large Man of War ships to enter the harbors and attack the pirates. Another plus was New Providence's close proximity to trade routes, which allowed for a fresh supply of ships to be plundered. New Providence also supplied the pirate community with an abundant supply of natural resources, such as food, water and timber wood. New Providence was also very close to Nassau, the capitol city of the Bahamas, where pirates could spend their treasure on a variety of goods. Perhaps the greatest attraction to the port of New Providence for a pirate was the lack of a ruling monarchy. Pirates were able to plunder ships, spend their money in any fashion and never have to answer to anyone.

But eventually, Woodes Rogers a newly appointed Governor, dedicated himself to the eradication of pirates on New Providence. Rogers restored order through the granting of pardons for piracy, and his aggressive hunting of any pirate who refused his pardons. Once caught, the pirates were hung. After New Providence was rid of the pirates that once inundated the port, the island was changed forever. Today, New Providence benefits from the thousands of tourists that visit the Bahamas each year.

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