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Age of Pirates Pirate Encyclopedia is a collection of original biographies and articles about pirates. We hope you can use this resource to learn more about pirates of the 1700s.

Biographies and Articles About the Age of Pirates

Anne Bonney
Benito de Soto
Benjamin Hornigold
Captain 'Black Sam' Bellamy
Charles Vane
Christopher Myngs
Don Pedro Gibert
Edward "Blackbeard" Teach
Edward England
Francios L'Olonnais
George Lowther
Henry Every
Howell Davis
Jean Lafitte
John Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts
John Callice
John Hawkins
John Rackham
Mary Read
Maurycy Beniowski
Michel de Grammont
Nathaniel North
Peter Easton
Richard Worley
Sir Francis Drake
Sir Henry 'Captain' Morgan
Stede Bonnet
Thomas Anstis
William 'Captain' Kidd
William Dampier

New Providence
Port Royal
Port of Cartagena
The Port of Tortuga

Barbary Coast Pirates
English Privateers
Golden Age of Piracy
Hollywood Pirate Movies
Huguenot Pirates
Pirate Code of Conduct
Pirate Guns and Cannon
Pirate Mercy
Pirate Ships
Pirate Treasure
Swords Used by Pirates
The Jolly Roger
Treasure Island

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