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Age of Pirates is a site all about pirates. We've got an encyclopedia featuring biographies of various famous pirates and other articles of interest. We've also got some pirate-themed games. In the future we hope to have pages of pirate jokes, pirate graphics, links and other things.

Pirate Jokes

Pirate Joke 4: What Did Captain Hook Die Of?
Pirate Joke 3: What Do You Call A Good Looking Pirate Girl?
Pirate Joke 2: How Much Does a Pirate Pay For Earings?
Pirate Joke 1: What's a Pirate's Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?

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Pirate Encyclopedia

Anne Bonney
Edward "Blackbeard" Teach
John Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts
John Rackham
Mary Read
Sir Francis Drake
Sir Henry 'Captain' Morgan
Stede Bonnet
William 'Captain' Kidd
Port Royal
The Port of Tortuga
Barbary Coast Pirates
Golden Age of Piracy
Hollywood Pirate Movies
Pirate Code of Conduct
Pirate Ships
Pirate Treasure
The Jolly Roger
Hollywood Pirate Movies
Treasure Island

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Pirate Games

Pirate Tiles: Match the tiles to uncover the pirate map!

Pieces of Eight: Match three coins in a row!

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